Schweighofer Prize 2018


The Schweighofer Prize was first awarded more than 15 years ago. On the occasion of this anniversary we wish to inform you about a strategic re-orientation.

Since 2003, the Schweighofer Prize supported innovative ideas, technologies, products and services in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the European Forest Based Sector. It was awarded every two years and quickly gained international recognition.

The decisive factor for the re-orientation was the great success of the Student Award, which was first introduced in 2017. In future, the prize money of the Schweighofer Prize will exclusively benefit students. The aim remains the promotion of the forestry and timber industry.

Due to the strategic re-orientation the call for submissions and the public award ceremony in the Viennese city hall will no longer take place.

Today’s university students will become tomorrow’s leaders who will decisively shape our future. We are therefore convinced that it is the right decision to use the Schweighofer Prize’s funds to set impulses there.

From the beginning, the Schweighofer Prize’s central idea was to support innovation in the forestry and timber sector. This direction will be retained. We are already looking forward to the students’ ideas and enthusiasm and will be happy to keep you informed about further developments.

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